In Italian, “Quattroporte” means “four doors,” but you don’t need to speak the language to appreciate this car’s dramatic flair.Two twin-turbo engines are offered—a 404-hp 3.0-liter V-6 or a 523-hp 3.8-liter V-8. An eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive are standard; all-wheel drive is offered with the V-6.

Inside the sumptuous, leather-lined cabin is an 8.4-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking are optional.


  • Price-1.52 Crores
  • Engines-3799 cc, Petrol, 530 bhp @ 6500 RPM power
  •                 2987 cc, Diesel, 275 bhp @ 4000 RPM power
  • Gearboxes-8-speed, Automatic, RWD
  • Steering-power steering
  • Seating CApacity-5  seater
  • Top Speed-182 mph
  • 0-60-4.2 sec
  • HP-523 hp


Maserati Quattroporte is available/sold in the 12 colours in India.

  • Nero
  • Grigio
  • Blu Passione
  • Bianco
  • Grigio Metallo
  • Rosso Folgore
  • Bianco Alpi
  • Bronzo Siena
  • Nero Ribelle
  • Grigio Maratea
  • Champagne


The intense engineering and design capacity that this vehicle functions to deliver has been refined and honed over the span of almost a century.The production of the Quattroporte started out first in 1963, and from there to where it stands today, the vehicle has truly completed a full circle.

It is perfected in the elegance of its craft. It is sculpted with an aerodynamic superiority in mind, striving to blend form and function in one.It is low profiled and meant for gliding down the streets with stealth, and also to rob all eyes as it does.

It draws glances with its classic oval grille and the imposing bonnet, a feature drawn by the lines of the GranTurismo.In addition to this, it has black convex, vertical bars that make it an iconic luxury car on the roads. Its grille has a sleek chrome border that polishes it up for the best touch.

Perched on either side of the grille, the front light assemblies stand out with their striking modern design and render the car even more awe inciting.

The light cluster is complete with LED day running lights and many more that any car demands. The light cluster’s vertical sweep is made to blend in seamlessly with the car’s slender flanks.

On both sides, the front lights are slender and trimmed, giving the fiercest and most menacing look from the front to the car.

The twin steel oval tailpipes stoke the beauty of the back end, adding to the muscular and fancy stance that the car has sculpted around itself by now.

                                                                 src: google image


The inside of the vehicle is made for the most refined and tranquil of atmospheres possible. It has a cabin that immerses its passengers in the best that elegance and comfort can offer.Only the most thriftily picked, best materials find their way to the interior of this car, meant to be decorated with the highest of passion for its driver and passengers.

The most well designed and premium leather upholstery covers the seats, specially designed with human hands that give the passengers their much needed warmth even inside of a machine.

The upholstery is made by Poltrona Fau, ensured the highest purity in every stitch.The instrument cluster, the sides of the doors, and all other equipment inside of the vehicle are together modeled with the most classy and luxurious materials that go out of the way to include premium wood formats and fine metallic accents

The dashboard is set out on three levels and is dominated by a broad center section that adds a renewed sense of space and lightness.

The center armrest features two stowable cup holders and a USB connection to plug in mobile devices. As an alternative, it is also possible to request two individual heated, ventilated and electronically adjustable seats that share a center console packed with functions.

Topping it all off, it has a radio function, and a sophisticatedly designed music system

Air conditioning ducts cover the car from the front and the sides, making for the most well circulated atmosphere inside the car.

                                                                                 src: google image



The engineering of this company crosses bounds with this new model, building the finest speed not for a sports model but for a four doored saloon with uncompromised quality

The Quattroporte has a powerful 3-litre, V6 engine, turbocharged and based on the highest technology

The mighty engine delivers power that is guided through a ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox that ensures the most flawless shifting for its driver.

It has a displacement capacity of 2979cc, giving it the most massive speed capacity known to it segment of vehicles. Furthermore, it stomps the road with a peak power and torque respectively of 410hp and 550Nm.

All put together, this vehicle soars to a top speed of 285kmph and crosses the 100kmph mark within 5.2 seconds.


The prowess that a company like Maserati shows, with regard to engineering and internal resolve, goes far beyond just the speed capacity of the vehicle. It ensures that far more sound, all rounded health is raised for the vehicle, without only the speed and acceleration enhanced

The Maserati Quattroporte achieves this with a fine fuel economy scored in this vehicle. It has a mileage value that stands far above all others of its class at 10 kmpl.

For its great performance, this is truly a spectacular value and one that no sports car usually trifles near.




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