The Hyundai i10 hatchback was launched riding on the success of the Santro and Xing to rope in not only the Hyundai loyalists but also to cater to a larger audience.

The i10 has not failed the Korean manufacturer even a bit, consistently clocking ranked as one of top-10 selling cars in the country.


  • Price-4.38 L
  • Gearboxes-5-speed, Manual, FWD
  • Seating Capacity-5 seater
  • Steering-Power steering
  • Engines-1086 cc, LPG, 68 bhp @ 5500 RPM power
  •               1086 cc, Petrol, 68 bhp @ 5500 RPM power


Hyundai i10 is available/sold in the following colours in India:

  • Pure White
  • Sleek Silver
  • Wine Red
  • Star Dust.


The two-tone colour scheme lends an air of richness associated with cars higher in the ladder of automotive segments and the plastics and knobs have a nice feel to them as well. One thing that stands out as a unique aspect is the placement of the gear-shift lever which is housed on the centre console. This liberates a good amount of space on the floor which has been utilized smartly by endowing it with useful storage spaces and cup holders.

There are enough spaces to carry things ranging from your wallet or cell phone to bottles of a litre capacity.The luggage space too is decent but the deep loading-lip can be a cause of concern while loading/unloading baggage.

The disappointment comes in shape of the door pockets which are narrow on the front doors and missing at the rear.


                                                                                                       src: google image

The interior otherwise is a congenial place to be in. On the comfort aspect too, the i10 is bang upto the mark. The head-restraints are not a different unit as seen in other cars and are an extension of the chairs.

The front seats are shaped in a way to offer you the best support in all the right places.


It does not bite an eyelid and will take you from speeds as low as 15kmph to all the way upto 120kmph, and that too without making the car feel like it’s going to cough up to a halt at low speeds and die out of pain at higher revs.

The engine is essentially the same 1.1-litre unit that powers the Getz 1.1 too and is a beefed-up unit of the trusted Santro, albeit with slightly more power which is now peak-rated at 67 horses with iRDE pasted on top of it.

It is not as fast off the line as its smaller sibling, Santro, but it performs admiringly to dismiss the run to a hundred clicks in 14.5 seconds.


At slow speeds you surely can sense the odd pothole and suspension ‘thuds’ are quite audible, but it never swings towards the ‘bad’ side of the balance and the ride quality improves folds on end as you gain speed.

Just one word of caution here – when going round a bend over a rough patch of tarmac, the i10 does feel a little unsettled with the car wiggling its tail a bit.

Handling is neutral till the point that you do not demand a lot from the chassis. The steering is a delight to use and does not feel all that confused even when doing high speeds.



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